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Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup and hair by Melbourne Hair and Makeup artist Lucia Caldarelli
Airbrush Makeup by Les Couleurs Hair and Makeup Melbourne

An airbrush makeup gives a flawless, perfect and even skin tone result. It creates a virtually flawless lightweight look and feels like your not wearing makeup at all. The application is applied with a small spray gun and can be adjusted to be soft and natural or heavier to cover tattoos, freckles and birthmarks.

Once Airbrush makeup is sprayed on, it dries instantly and does not require powder or re-applying, it can last hours of wear and still look immaculate even in most weather conditions.

Airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic, beneficial for women of any age and it eliminates the problem of clogged pores, enabling your skin to breathe, it looks natural and flawless and doesn’t exaggerate skin pores and lines.

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