Artificial Lashes

The concept of fake eyelashes came into existence the early 20th century in a movie called “intolerance” worn by actress Seena Owens, but false lashes became most popular in the 1960’s,

These days many women wear them to enrich their eyes or look, numerous styles and colours of artificial eyelashes can enhance your eyes in totally diverse ways; this means that depending on your style, mood, or the occasion, you can totally boost your look naturally or dramatically.

You have several options when it comes to false lashes: A full strip of false lashes or little bundles of individual lashes, a full strip will create a more luscious, fuller, thicker look the degree of the appearance will depend on the type of strip lash design you apply, where as individual lashes will naturally enhance your eyes, you also have control on where you would like to place the individual lashes, most popular application is to apply them on the outer edges of you eyelash line ,

Artificial eyelashes are temporarily glued to the lash line with eyelash glue and come in varies designs and sizes, short, medium or long and several colours most popular black or brown,

With false eyelashes, there’s no need to worry about losing or damaging your own natural lashes and are easy to remove by using a cotton pad and your eye makeup remover.

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